Year Two: Our Second Sexy Year!

The Second Montreal Burlesque Festival

September 23-24-25-26-2010

Club Soda, Montreal


April March

Coco Framboise

Julie Atlas Muz

Renea La Roux

BonBon Bombay

Tigerrr Lilly

Gentry De Paris

Satans Angel

Roxi D’Lite

Michelle L’Amour

Amber Ray

Scarlett James

Festival Notes:

2010, the 2nd edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival. We are here to stay and we are ready to make our mark on the international stage.

Burlesque is still very new for Montreal in 2010 (even if it is as old as the city itself) and there is a lot of work to be done still to explain what burlesque is.
Everyone gets scared as soon as the word “peeling” or “strip tease” pops up in the conversation and education is the key to the festival’s success.
So! Let’s educate!
Burlesque is still an underground art form and the underground clientele is used to purchasing tickets at 10$ to see a more “fringe” style of burlesque. On the other end the festival brings the art form to the mainstream audience. No easy feat. Our ticket price is the same as one would pay for a stand up comic at a renowned humor show within a renowned festival. I think we are very bold. BUT for the 1st time in Montreal we are bringing the queens of Burlesque, and international artistes never seen here!
And THAT is bold, unique and separates us for all the other shows.
The budget is spent on bringing these talents but also to give the public more than a show, we give them an experience.
Always female oriented, we show the world that beauty is not dictated by society’s rigid and honestly passe parameters.
We portray all body types, all colors, all styles.  We celebrate diversity because the world we live in is diverse. Our message is for everyone to feel good within their own skin and we show it by example.