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We are looking forward to showing you all the fantastic sights and sounds that our festival brings, but for now, we want to wet your appetite with another teaser trailer featuring two more of our headliner acts, the legendary April March and the one and only Scarlett James!

If you want to see these performers live and direct, don’t forget to grab yourself a ticket for this fantastic, not to be missed event.

She sways her hips in a sensual way like no one does… Her sexy curves turn the burlesque audience on every time she performs… We introduce you to another one of our headliner, The Original Empress of Burlesque… Missy Lisaaaaa!

Missy Lisa knows how to explore sensuality in a classy way. In her diverse performances, she balanced equally sassiness and elegance.

She is a delightful as an artist and as a person. Burlesque is a classic art which she reinterprets in a “fun, sexy and cheeky” way.

Missy Lisa earned a huge notoriety and numerous fans in burlesque.

She was crowned “Miss Viva Las Vegas” in 2013, won “Most Classic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2014 and was named one of the Top 20 Burlesque Performers in the World by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine.

Missy Lisa continues to perform every month with The Ruby Revue at the House of Blues Dallas and Houston and she regularly performs in New York City and tours nationwide.

She’ll be part of the panel for the Election of Mister and Miss Montreal Burlesque 2017 on October 19th… Make sure to book your tickets!

While you’re waiting, here is one of our favourite act from Missy Lisa:

Missy Lisa - Miss Viva Las Vegas 2013 Burlesque Competition Winner

montreal burlesque festival dance

We announced a few months ago our new collaboration with White Keys Vodka, the official sponsor of the 2017 Burlesque Montreal Festival.

But who are they?

Behind White Keys Vodka hides a group of creatives, passionate about music and new experiences. Bold and dreamers who have wanted to offer an exceptional product, inspired by the creative souls of here and elsewhere.

Friends for years, they decided to combine their forces to create a distinctive and out of the ordinary vodka: White Keys Vodka.

It was in Montreal, in the Rosemont district, in the spring of 2016 that the brand’s founders bottled their very first vodka.

We are very pleased with this collaboration and we hope that it will continue in time.

Follow their news here: http://www.whitekeysvodka.com

As promised, we have prepared several surprises for this year’s edition with our sponsor. Today you will be presented with our official afterparties in partnership with White Keys Vodka.


Thursday drinks at Midway tavern:


Friday drinks at Wiggle room:


Saturday official after party:


We are proud to release the second of our teaser trailers, featuring some of the highlights of the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2016, plus the announcement of two more of our Headline performers, Angie Pontani and Missy Lisa!

If you have never been to the Montreal Burlesque Festival before, just look at what you are missing! Why not grab a ticket to our 2017 lineup HERE!

Enjoy this sneak peek at the excitement to come.

Montreal Burlesque Festival - Angie Pontani & Missy Lisa

She’s known as “The Italian Stallionette” and one of the Neo-burlesque Queen of our time…

It’s with a huge pleasure that we announce that Angie Pontani will dazzle the stage as a headliner, for this year’s Montreal Burlesque Festival!

She’s one of the burlesque dancers who contributed to popularize Burlesque by performing worldwide for more than a decade.

Angie Pontani has a very pinup look which reminds us of Gypsee Rose Lee: Brunette, ecstatically sexy and always cheerful. But she has her own burlesque style, a mix between very classy and stylish reinforced with dancing abilities which make her acts so unique and spectacular.

Native from Brooklyn (New-York), she is a legitimate celebrity in NYC, where’s she started to perform with our dear Dirty Martini as a burlesque performer, but also as a genuine inhabitant of New-York. She’s been involved in the fight for Coney Island roller-coaster and has been rewarded with the Miss Cyclone 2007 title (as a wink for the historic roller coaster).


Throughout her career, she’s been rewarded with some of the most prestigious awards and highest recognitions in Burlesque. In 2008, she won the Miss Exotic World Title. The Year after, she’s been crowned Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall Fame in Las Vegas (Nevada).

Often listed as one of the world’s leading burlesque performers by multiple media outlets, she was also named Best International Touring Artist, by The Naked City/Alternative Media Group of Australia.

All those distinctions talk for themselves… No need to say that Angie Pontani is a masterpiece performer in the Burlesque Industry.

She’ll be part of the panel for the Election of Mister and Miss Montreal Burlesque 2017 on October 19th… Make sure to book your tickets!


Here’s a little taste to discover who Angie Pontani is:

One of the main wheels on the Montreal Burlesque Festival, our rocker, biker, Stage manager and Show producer: Misterrrrrrrrr …. Domenic Castelli!

Domenic is one of the best technical directors in Montreal and abroad. Traveling across the globe sharing his expertise and romance, Domenic is irrepressible and loyal.
This wild spirit has become a true friend through the years. Dom knows Burlesque like no other man, as he is on Scarlett’s team since the very beginning of the Montreal Burlesque Festival (And Montreal Burlesque Productions many Shows) adventure.

It would not be the same without him. As artists come and go Dom makes everyone feels welcome and gives everyone his devoted attention, on stage and off.

We love you Dom!!!

Official Competitor’s list for the Lili St Cyr Award (Mister&Miss Montreal Burlesque 2017)

In the ‘Mister’s‘ category:

Tristan Ginger, Topher Bousquet, Kage Wolfe, Vera Wylde and Trash Valentine.

In the ‘Miss’s‘ category:

Honey Lustre, Celesta O’Lee, Jolie Lolita, Victoria Vermouth, May Hemmer, Ivy Lafleur, Sugar Vixen, Randi Rouge, Sultana, Rose Whip.

Our amazing official panel:

Dirty Martini (president), Sukki Singapora, Angie Pontani, Missy Lisa, April March.

Note: The Election will take place on Thursday 19th Oct.


Official performers list names for the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017:

Headliners: Dirty Martini, Sukki Singapora, Missy Lisa, Scarlett James, Angie Pontani, April March.


Performers: Kismet Katie, Miss Meow, Kitty Kin-Evil, Fairy Floss,Kage Wolfe, Wisp Purrrs, Jacqueline Hyde,Tristan Ginger, Pastel Supernova, Chantal de Bisous, Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, Aria Delanoche, Aurora Black, Trash Valentine, Amourous Ava, The Lady Josephine, Lily Linx, MiMi Cherry, Angelica Cardone, Kitty Crimson, Audrey Ivory, Lily Monroe, Foxy Lexxi, , Topher Bousquet, Vera Wylde, Honey Lustre, Celesta O’Lee, Jolie Lolita, Victoria Vermouth, May Hemmer, Ivy Lafleur, Sugar Vixen, Randi Rouge, Sultana, Rose Whip.

This year we are lucky to welcome on our stage, straight from the great continent of Asia, Sukki Singapora.

We’re proud to have as a headliner such a significant artist with us.

Beyond her burlesque abilities she is inspired by the glamorous Barbara Young, she creates very colourful and stylish costumes and sceneries. Sukki fights for women’s rights and equality throughout the world @thesharanproject.

Native from Singapore, she grew up in the city before moving, as a young adult, in England. Her career started in 2011, as a Cabaret dancer in Manchester. Her style and the quality of her stage presence attracted a lot of attention and started to get more and more solos.

Her burlesque is as passionate and daring as her personality. She sparkles with sumptuous acts and costumes, which remind the classic Hollywood era, and she is recognizable except for her signature flamboyant hairstyles.

She founded Singapore Burlesque Society in 2012 and aims to welcome and protect every Asian artists to join the Burlesque Industry.

Her position, as a burlesque artist coming from a oppressive country towards Women, led her to speak out for women’s rights and thus, became a true activist.

Her achievements and positions have been recognized with the “Asian Women of Achievement Award.”

She’ll be part of the judge panel for the Lili St cyr award given to the winners of the Mister and Miss Montreal Burlesque 2017 competition on October 19th… Make sure to book your tickets!

We can’t wait for you to see her perform.

For the ones who wants to get to know her better, here’s Sukki Singapora:

Sukki Singapora Interview

Grab your ticket to the Montreal Burlesque Festival HERE

Burlesque montreal festival dancer swan

We are truly happy to announce to you that our first headliner for the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017 will be the one and only Miss Dirty Martini.
It is such a pleasure to have her grace our stage once again.

More than just a Neo-burlesque dancer she is, as our lovely Scarlett James would like to say, one of “the best bodies in burlesque”.
This beautiful and voluptuous blond is known for her punk rock style and her bold/audacious acts, which mix choreography and original stage performances.

A native from Manhattan (NY), she took her first steps in Burlesque in 1997. Quickly, her acts in Cabarets and clubs are noticed and she gained in popularity.

Then, fortune favors her. She performed for the burlesque convention Teese-O-Rama in 2001, and through her different participation to the election of Miss Exotic World she won prizes such as the Sally Rand Award (2001), Finalist (2003), and the Big Title in 2004. She also appeared in many TV shows and documentaries like The Velvet Hammer Burlesque.

In 2011, she played in the French movie Tournée, directed by Mathieu Alaric and rewarded during the Cannes Festival. This movie increased her popularity worldwide and established herself as a contemporary figure of the Neo-Burlesque scene.

She’s been crowned Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

We can’t wait to make you discover (or rediscover) this amazing artist, who had the chance to perform with Dita von Teese.

For the ones who don’t know her, Miss Dirty Martini, is this:

Burlesque performer Dirty Martini performs - Notes From All Over - The New Yorker

New Burlesque Montreal Burlesque festival blog

Striptease is about making the everyday act of removing clothing into a theatrical event.

– Jo Weldon, author of The Burlesque Handbook.


You all know Burlesque, the original and classic art of Burlesque. But with his constant evolution, there is a revival of the acts proposed, embracing new styles of performances: more moderns, creatives and with its own universe. Light on some of them…


Neo-Burlesque, or New Burlesque, is the revival and updating of the traditional American burlesque performance, through the nineties. Based on the traditional Burlesque art, the new form encompasses a wider range of performance styles. Neo-burlesque acts can range from anything, from classic striptease to modern dance, from theatrical mini-dramas to comedic mayhem. It is also known for its feminist spirit.




Like the burlesque dancer, boylesque dancers construct and perform striptease acts. Like the female burlesque dancer, boylesque dancers present a huge range of aesthetics: clown, fetish, circus, cowboy, vintage burlesque aesthetic, drag, glam rock, Victorian, sci-fi, grotesque, macabre, even Goth.




Combination of Burlesque with geek culture. The nerd-culture spin on burlesque is taking off – especially in Toronto, with events that riff on Game of Thrones, Nintendo and science fiction.


Grotesque or Gore Burlesque

Grotesque Burlesque is about performances that are inspired by the outlandish, the bizarre and the delusional. They stage Halloween-ish or dark vintage circus carnival universes, which can sometimes be also gory and bloody. Picture your sexiest worse zombie nightmare in a romantic manner…


And you, what kind of Burlesque do you perform?

Show us by applying to the MBF 2017.