There! Let’s cheers! To health and to the delight to see you at the Montreal Burlesque Festival! Together, we shall enjoy Maximiliano’s creations with White Keys Vodka.
As for me, I’ll slip in something a little more comfortable 😉

Last but not least, our headliner, the one and only, Scarlett James.

She’s not just the Founder of the Montreal Burlesque Festival, or an International Burlesque artist or a good looking blondie. Scarlett embodies what Burlesque means.

Originally from France, Scarlett grew up by the sea. She moved to Canada as an ambitious young lady, who wanted to fulfil her business entrepreneurship and practice Arts.

When she started Burlesque in Montreal, she had to step up for an Art that was still disregarded. She wanted everyone here to realize that it was more than just a striptease; Burlesque performance was a full act.

Her burlesque journey started in 2007. After numerous acts in different cabaret, she met the right persons, at the right time.
Like our dear producer and friend, Domenic Castelli. And she soon enough decided to create the first big Burlesque Show in Montreal.

That’s how the Montreal Burlesque Festival started in 2009 and Grand Burlesque Show in 2010. Every falls, she produces a succession of events that reunite the best of international artists in Burlesque and entertainment. It is now what you know as the Montreal Burlesque Festival. And the Grand Burlesque show in Spring, featuring the best of the best:)

Scarlett’s style is inimitable.

Beautiful in the inside as in the outside this gorgeous lady is also an exquisite performer.
She uses the perfect balance between classic burlesque and neo burlesque. Each of her performances, thought from the costumes to the scenery are meticulously prepared. They are a subtle mix between sensuality and classy, which makes every act she does, and unique.

During her career, she travelled across the world, headlining events and shows and became an acclaimed burlesque dancer worldwide and especially as the main figure that brought Burlesque to the mainstream audience in Canada.

The Montreal Burlesque Festival is one of her greatest achievement. And it’s taking place on the October 19th, 20th and 21st at Club Soda.

And if you missed what’s Scarlett James performances look like, here a hint before the Festival

Dont forget, still chance to grab your tickets here!

That’s it! Resistance is futile! Let’s pour ourselves a wonderful mixture! After much debate, I will settle for the “Angie NewYorkini” with an orange zest. Another wonderful creation by Maximiliano. The Montreal Made White Keys Vodka is quite versatile I must admit…

All workshops are open to the public. Ladies and Gents are welcome. You want to follow a dance class for fun and touch Burlesque dust? You are at the right place! Professionals and amateurs will mingle together to share this amazing experience with the best of the industry. It truly is an opportunity not to be missed!


12.30pm-2pm: DIRTY MARTINI (New York)
“The Ultimate Guide to Knocking them Dead: Burlesque character and proper stage deportment”

Have you always wondered why some people “have it” and some people don’t? When you see a performer that seems to not only own what they’re doing, but also the stage around them and the seat you are sitting in, do you ask what it is that they’ve got that makes them so special? Do you wonder how it’s possible that a performer can capture an audience and make you feel as if they are looking right at you? Having “it” is not a birthright; it’s a technique that can be learned. The mystery is now solved. (see registration page for full description).

2pm-3pm: DIRTY MARTINI (New York)
“ABC’s of Choreographies: Burlesque composition”

A good and engaging burlesque number tells a very quick story or paints an abstract picture. Miss Martini holds a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Purchase College, one of the top 3 dance colleges in the US. In this workshop, she uses principles of modern dance choreography to create movement, define structure and use the space fully. Learn from her many years creating the neo-burlesque movement using the vocabulary of classic burlesque and performance art. (see registration page for full description).

3pm-4pm: MISSY LISSA (Dallas)

This is where you will get the lift, firmness and roundness you want. Bootylates will work you, strengthen you, stretch you and help you get stronger. Your clothes will fit you better, you will feel better and others will notice the difference, too.
Be sure to reserve your spot early!
Get BOOTY TIGHT with Bootylates!

4-5pm: Sukki Singapora
The “Girl Power Beginners Burlesque Workshop”

Burlesque for beginners, or those who want to go back to basics, including best angles, signature moves, and how to work both the audience and the camera, including self-confidence.

**Pricing for Montreal Burlesque Festival Workshops: $40/one, $80/two, $100/three and $120/four**




Just two weeks remain until the Montreal Burlesque Festival!

Take a look at our final headliner reveal trailer, and savor the upcoming talent that will head up our festival.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for our festival, while they last.

Hope to see you there!


Ah! I finally got my hands on the highly coveted elixir!
The subtle flavors concocted especially for the Festival brings me so much joy, thanks to White Keys Vodka!
The fruits, the tanginess, the spices… a knowledgeable dosage and balance form our expert Maximiliano.
The “Scarlettini“? The “Dirty“? and why not try the “Sukki“?

The new MC of the Montreal Burlesque Festival is none other than the atypical and fantastic ….. Monsieur Vincent !!!

Passionate about being on stage since in youngest age, Vincent aka Monsieur Vincent, will be, this year, our dashing Festival’s MC.

Born and raised on the Northern Quebec Shore, way far from Montreal, he’s always been attracted to the stage. His hidden talent? He’s singing like no one. As a child, he was composing his own tunes, a talent which strengthens with time. Get ready for an atypical/non-standard presentation.

As comfortable in Impro as in Drama, this talented comic polishes his humour both eccentric, sarcastic and versatile at the National School of Humour at Montreal.

I feel so warm, under this cascade of feathers I want to be refreshed and my thirst quenched.

I have so many things to discover at the festival and I was thinking, Maybe the”Dirty” signature cocktail made for our Headliner Dirty Martini would be appropriate in this circumstance?

We can ask White Keys Vodka and our cocktail designer Maximiliano what they think?


The Midway Tavern invites you to celebrate the winners of the Lili St Cyr 2017 award 2017!
Everyone is welcome!
The signature festival cocktails in collaboration with Maximiliano and White Keys Vodka will be prepared for you!
April March will be present for her book signing and you can get a picture with her!

11PM – Midway Tavern:
1219 St Laurent Blvd,
QC H2X 2S6


The Wiggle Room welcomes us for a few Festival post-show cocktails!
Relax and unwind after a fantastic show.
The signature festival cocktails in collaboration with Maximiliano and White Keys Vodka will be prepared for you!

11PM – The Wiggle Room:
3874 St Laurent Blvd,
QC H2W 1Y2


Come meet our artists at 4e Mur and enjoy our Signature White Keys cocktails, the favorite of our headliners!
The festival’s signature cocktails in collaboration with Maximiliano and White Keys Vodka will be prepared for you.
Special Performances by May Hemmer, Aria Delanoche and Lady Josephine!

11pm – 4e Mur:
2021 St Denis St,
QC H2X 3K8

The Montreal Burlesque Festival is proud to co-host this year’s grand event with our very own Montreal made spirit White keys Vodka. Let me tell you my story!

Chapter 1:
I feel in love, embraced by desire.
Dreaming about the Fabulous Festival shows coming up in a few weeks where I will finally be able to dip my lips on a cocktail tailored to my image, thanks to the talented Maximiliano; The Scarlettini