Clea De Velours est une effeuilleuse burlesque classique avec une attention extrême pour les détails et toujours ornée de milliers de swarovski. C’est le petit bijoux du burlesque !

En 2013 Clea débute une carrière de modèle photo. Son sens de l’esthétisme, ses références artistiques, ainsi que sa solide formation en danse classique la propulsent rapidement au rang de modèle expérimentée. C’est ainsi qu’en 2015, elle débute l’effeuillage burlesque. Pour elle, l’effeuillage est un moyen d’expression artistique qui permet de s’affirmer en tant que femme. Très admirative de la beauté du corps féminin, elle le situe au cœur de son travail artistique, cherchant constamment sa sublimation, sa consécration comme manifestation suprême du beau et de la sensualité. Elle s’inspire tout particulièrement des icônes glamour de l’age d’or d’Hollywood et des Pin-Up. Elle préconise le glamour, la sensualité, la beauté des costumes, le souci du détail ainsi que la précision. En un mot, la femme élevée au rang de déesse. Pour la création de ses numéros, Clea puise également dans l’ensemble des influences qui la nourrissent. Qu’elles viennent de la peinture, ou de l’histoire de la mode, en passant par le cinéma, le personnage de la femme fatale, voire même vampire… Clea explore le glamour sous toutes ses formes !

Aujourd’hui Clea De Velours est publiée dans les magazines Pin-Up les plus connus, a performé dans les plus beaux lieux de Paris ainsi qu’a l’international, fait partie du cabaret de la célébrité française Clara Morgane en tournée dans les casinos de toute la France.. Clea est un mélange à couper le souffle entre innocence et séducion, elle est l’effeuilleuse burlesque qui fait tourner toutes les têtes !


(Article Images are taken from Delicious Dolls Magazine July Issue 2018)

Photographer: Eve Robert, Pin-up Addict

Swimwear: Forluna Swimwear

Lingerie: Bettie Lingerie Page

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Are you surprised to have been nominated?
I was most certainly surprised to be nominated! I am honoured, and happy to have so much love and support from the burlesque community.

How important is it to be recognized by the burlesque community for what you do?
I feel as though my purpose in life is to be a beacon of inspiration, and healing. I wouldn’t say that it’s important to be recognized because most of my contributions are kept a secret. I will say that it’s important to me to use burlesque as a platform to heal, love, and inspire!

All the groups in your category are fantastic, but what make your acts and style unique?
My approach to burlesque is unique because I celebrate classic burlesque with a modern twist. I also focus on giving to the audience, and celebrating my imperfections on stage. People really relate to this, and are often moved to tears. I think that is what makes me unique. It’s hard to move a person to tears.
Any exciting projects coming up?
My latest endeavour is the House of Noire. I have brought together an amazing group of women in NY to create burlesque history. I am not showcasing a burlesque troupe, but creating a legendary house! I’m negotiating with a casino at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Where does your name come from?
The name was given to me by my mentor, Dollie Rivas. Although, it was also one of the many taglines for my muse, Josephine Baker! I was beyond elated when Dollie gave me that name.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration for my acts come from my tears, and triumphs! Each act is a representation of my life story.

How many hours a week do you rehearse?
25-30 hours a week.

How often do you come up with a new routine?
I don’t have a lot of routines. It takes me about a year or two to feel confident enough to bring my artistry to the stage. I believe in taking my time, and training properly.

How nervous do you get before getting on stage?
I am extremely nervous before each performance! And honestly, I will retire the day I stop being nervous.

What do you like most about the burlesque industry?
I love having access to the living legends! It’s an honour!

What’s your favourite routine?
My tribute to the African goddess, Oshun!

In your opinion, what makes an exceptional burlesque troupe?
You have to dance with your heart! That makes any burlesque performance stellar!

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Montreal Burlesque

Artists line up is finally here!

It is with great delight that we reveal the Artists of the Montreal Burlesque Festival™ 2018, the 10th anniversary edition!!

Montreal Burlesque Festival is happy to announce the Lili St Cyr awards for the best Burlesque acts and it’s 1st and 2nd runner up.
October 19th, the participants selected will perform in front of a panel/jury of five people, led by our main headliners.  And of course our famous Saturday night gala returns with the most fabulous acts from our international and local stars.      Show us your burlesque! #Montrealburlesquefest


Perle Noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Knox Harter
Bea Trouble
Oliver easy
Kitty Crimson
Marie Doroftei
Lolo Merlot
Madame Brassiere
Maestro Maestra
Lily Monroe
Miss O’Kissed
El Toro
Holly’s Good
Victoria Vermouth
Damian Rhapsody

Facebook event page



Perle noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Kage Wolfe & the gentlemen’s club
Kitty Kin Evil
Audrey Ivory
Lily Lynx
Rainbow Drag
Wonderful Ginger
Elle du Jour
Sugar Vixen
Pepper Grinds
Pastel Supernova
Miami Minx
Lady Josephine

Facebook event page:


———–TICKETS ———

Reg: 45
Premium: 75
VIP: 125
VVIP: 175

Dress to impress!
Jeans, running shoes & baseball caps are not accepted

V.VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Champagne per table, 4 p./table,
Autographed pictures
VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Mousseux per table, 4 p./table,
PREMIUM: Premium Section, 1 bottle of mousseux per table, 4
GENERAL: First come, first seated!


Club Soda, 1225 Boulevard St. Laurent,
Tel: 1(514)286-1010,

Application Process is open

Application for the Montreal burlesque festival is open! 💋 Submit your act and we will review it. the limit date to submit your act and all the information pertinent to your application is June 29th at midnight. We will review all act that following week. Also, we get back to the entire community of applicants in the following few days. Depending on the amount of applicant, we will see how fast we can get back to all. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us for any question or concerns. We are very quick in responding. In the meantime you can visit our facebook page here and LIKE us!

Get your tickets now!



The Montreal Burlesque Festival is happy to announce a special event:
The Election of Miss and Mister Burlesque Montreal
October 19th, the participants selected will perform in front of a panel/jury of five people, led by our main headliner. The winners, the Miss and the Mister, will have the privilege to grace the Saturday night stage alongside headliners.
The contest is open to every performer out there; Male, Female and non binary artists are all welcome so don’t be shy.
To apply, click on the link below and fill in the application form for the Election of Miss and Mister Montreal Burlesque.
We’ll offer details details.
Head up, Chest up, Show us your burlesque! #Montrealburlesquefest


Our Festival is 10 years old!

A decade of fabulous performances with the best of the worlds’ burlesque and theater entertainment come to Montreal for a weekend of amazing sights and sounds…

To launch our fantastic 10th anniversary Festival, we have relaunched our website.

A great, bold new look and new sections to see, such as ‘Our Journey‘, an expanded archive section, revisiting each years’ performers and highlights. Check back monthly as we expand these archives leading up to our 10th anniversary event. Dont forget to sign up to our newsletter for all the best insider information as we get closer to our biggest and best festival yet.

Keep checking the website as we are introducing exclusive new features!

Leave a comment on our social media about your favorite parts of the site, or suggestions for future features. We would love to hear from you!



Our Application Page is now open.

We are looking for a wide variety of performers, all different talents and skills are welcome to apply. We have featured comedians, circus performers, mind readers and MORE in past events (oh, and also great Burlesque Acts 🙂

What do you have to lose? Don’t delay, go to our application page, and sign up!




To all of you who came at the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017, who cheered our amazing performers, who have been mind blown by all the performances.

As usual, YOU were the best audience from far!

Thank you for your loyalty, your burly passion, your love and most of all, your time to come and attend the Festival.

See you for the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2018: It will be our 10th Anniversary, we let you guess how big it might be…

The MBF team

The election of Mister & Miss Burlesque Montreal was fire!!!

And at the end, we crowned the two fabulous Kage Wolfe and May Hemmer <3

Let’s start with words from May Hemmer, our new Queen of the Montreal Burlesque Festival #QueenMay

“First of all…thank you so much for having me in your beautiful city and I hope to be back sooner than later!

Well this was my first time leaving the country and I was so happy to be accepted in a festival that I have been dying to apply to and in a city that was on my bucket list! From the very start the Producer Scarlett and her staff were so warm and welcoming! I won’t lie: I was super nervous being so far away from home but the entire experience exceeded my expectations. In fact everyone I met was so friendly and helpful when I felt so lost. I can’t recommend this festival enough to be honest. If you get a chance to apply….apply!

I came into the festival to have fun, meet new people, and fan girl over performers I’ve only dreamed of meeting one day let alone share a stage with. When I found out I was competing for the Lili St. Cyr Award for Miss Montreal Burlesque, I was nearly died but I was excited! I rarely apply to compete but I wanted to do something different and fun! So you can imagine my surprise when I was announced the winner! I nearly fainted on stage when my name was called and I was so honoured….and so humbled….some of the top in the business saw me worthy of such prestigious honour.

Thank you again Scarlett for having me! And thank you Montreal for letting me represent you for the next year. Words cannot express how happy I am to have had such an amazing and magical experience!


Some words from Kage Wolfe, our new king of the Montreal Burlesque Festival #KingKage

“My experience at Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017 was one that almost didn’t happen. Missed my early train then lost my wallet which caused me to miss my second train from Toronto to Montreal.

However with the right encouragement I got access to my funds with a new card and was kindly granted another train ticket later due to the circumstances. Scarlett James and the MBF team were so understanding, accommodating, and supportive which helped a great deal. I showed up that Thursday night, got ready, and did what I came to do, performed my butt off. The audience loved it and the judges did as well since I was then crowned Mr. Montreal Burlesque at the end of the night!

The festival was by far one of my favourites considering all the new people I got to meet and talk with. I also very much enjoyed the festival with old and new friends. Performing again on Saturday night was fantastic and I had a blast on that stage, perhaps too much fun.”


We hope you all had a good time with us at the 2017 Montreal Burlesque Festival!

Stay tuned, the Festival photos and after movie will soon be online.

This year, the Montreal Burlesque Festival was honored and privileged to host the legendary April March.

It is no longer presented, she is way more than just a burlesque legend. She has this extraordinary life that should one day be adapted into a film to remind everyone of what it means to live life to the fullest.

She has judged with passion and warmth our participants in the election of Mister & Miss Montreal Burlesque and she graced the stage of the Festival, offering us authentic performances.

So, of course, she agreed to answer some of our questions. We offer you the exclusive April March interview today! Enjoy!

April March on Global TV for Montreal Burlesque Festival

April has also released a book, Reflections of My Life, do not hesitate to get it as soon as possible!

The ninth edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival has just ended and among all the great artists who contributed to the success of these three Burly evenings, let’s go back to the one thanks to who the kick-off was given, the one behind our poster pin-up, Maly Siri.
Beautiful and talented, Maly Siri has hidden tunes of the famous pinup Bettie Page. She is an author of comics but especially a specialist in retro and sexy illustrations, pin-up inspiration of the 1940s and 1950s.
She has worked on many projects including the creation of perfume muses Vivienne Wood. She joined the teaching team of Campus Pivaut (School of Applied Arts) in September.
Today, you are (re) introduce her, because her work is part of the success of the Festival but also because she is really great fun.
Do not hesitate to check out her pages:

The Montreal Burlesque Festival begins tomorrow, Thursday 19th October 2017, at Club Soda, Montreal. Tickets are going FAST.

Do you have your tickets yet?

The Festival season officially launched with our Press conference which was covered in the media, including a fabulous summary from CTV News!

This is just a small taste of what is to come. We look forward to showing you the best of Burlesque, starting tomorrow!

Montreal Burlesque Festival, White Keys Vodka and Scarlett James are truly excited to collaborate in order to offer you an unforgettable experience October 19th, 20th & 21st.
Lots of shows and activities all week end long!