18-19-20 October 2018
@CLUB SODA, 1225 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Scarlett James invites you to the prestigious Montreal Burlesque Festival; 3 nights, 3 exceptional events of Burlesque & Cabaret!
Dress up, Glamor up, as YOU are part of the show.
Montreal is the city of all international legends of entertainment and so is it’s burlesque! The Montreal Burlesque Festival is all glitz and glamour flaunting the best of Burlesque on it’s stage. All women are beautiful and all the colors of our performers male, female and everything in between are praised. The beauty of what the world has to offer, with class.

A full week end of sensuality, tease, empowerment, education and after parties showered with cocktails and Champagne! More than shows, it’s an experience on stage and off stage

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Thursday 18 Oct
19h00:  Doors
20h00: Miss Burlesque Montreal

Friday 19 & Saturday 20 Oct
19h00:  Doors
20h00:  Grand Shows

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Festival Headliner Profile: Zoe Scarlett

Original article by, view here: You were born in Switerzland, went to school there and are now living in Basel. Where did this passion for being a pinup model come from? I…

Festival Headliner Profile: Clea De Velours

Clea De Velours est une effeuilleuse burlesque classique avec une attention extrême pour les détails et toujours ornée de milliers de swarovski. C’est le petit bijoux du burlesque ! En 2013 Clea débute une carrière de modèle photo.…
Montreal Burlesque

Artistes Annoncés!

Artistes Annoncés! Bonjour à toutes et a tous! C'est avec un immense plaisir que nous vous annonçons la liste des artistes participant au Montreal Burlesque Festival™ 2018! Le prix Lili St Cyr pour le meilleur numero et ses 2 dauphins(es)…

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