17-18-19 October 2019
@CLUB SODA, 1225 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Scarlett James invites you to the prestigious Montreal Burlesque Festival; 3 nights, 3 exceptional events of Burlesque & Cabaret!

 “A little bit of naughty is a little bit nice” The Montréal Burlesque Festival™ is showcasing three nights of razzle-dazzle sensuality, sugar and spice. Scarlett James and her roster of top performers from around the world take you on a bedazzled journey of romance and seduction, showing off their best assets along the way. After all, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters…and what a journey it is!

Modern burlesque isn’t just about striptease:  variety shows featuring music, comedy, dance and song imbibed with sensuality celebrate women in all their feminine glory. The underlying message is always to empower women and promote freedom of expression in all its forms.

This festival is a throwback to Montréal’s cabaret glory days during the Prohibition era. Performers the likes of Miss Tosh, Jett adore who is Dita von Teese’s  Diamond stud, and Burlesque Hall of fame Frankie Fictitious tickle and tantalize in acts ranging from underground to extravagant glamour to humour to fetish, with sequins, cocktails and fishnet stockings thrown in for good measure.
Glam up and step into a champagne-filled world of fantasy and fancy at the Montréal Burlesque Festival, a full weekend of sensuality, tease and empowerment !
Dress up, Glamor up, as YOU are part of the show.
Montreal is the city of all international legends of entertainment and so is it’s burlesque! The Montreal Burlesque Festival is all glitz and glamour flaunting the best of Burlesque on it’s stage. All women are beautiful and all the colors of our performers male, female and everything in between are praised. The beauty of what the world has to offer, with class.

A full week end of sensuality, tease, empowerment, education and after parties showered with cocktails and Champagne! More than shows, it’s an experience on stage and off stage

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... and no experience necessary, we are here to love and have fun! Please arrive 15min before to register! Reserve your spot: Saturday, October 19, 2019 DG Studio 77, 3035 St Antoine St. W., Westmount, QC, H3Z 1W8 10:10 to 11:15…

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What does an artist feel before going on stage? For whom are his last thoughts a few minutes before the show starts? For the public? For something else? According to the people the feelings are different, some are very stressed. For others,…

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