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What does an artist feel before going on stage?

For whom are his last thoughts a few minutes before the show starts? For the public? For something else? According to the people the feelings are different, some are very stressed. For others, it’s the excitement that takes over.
The show must go well, it must please the public. The spectators must be receptive, there must be an exchange between them and the artist, it is the essence of a burlesque show: the guests are part of the show, they do not come only to assist passively.
Some artists focus on their choreography: we must not forget the steps, the movements must be fluid, continuous, look natural to the eyes of the audience. It is through his movements that the artist transmits the feelings of his character and it is thanks to the feelings that the public is immersed in the story.

Each artist wants to mark his audience, to make them react.
Other people pay particular attention to their accessories: the chair must be placed in the center, the fans must be close to the scene but not visible from the public otherwise there is no surprise, of course! Someone must take care of bringing the bathrobe or glove box to the artist at the right time. Indeed, accessories are important, they are an integral part of the show.

Each artist has his own preoccupations before going on stage, you will be able to note it through these feelings of artists:

You always have stress, but it’s a good stress because once on stage that’s what will make you really live the moment
Foxy Lexxi, burlesque artist.

When I started years ago I was very stressed and excited at the same time, […], after several shows I realized that I was stressing too much for nothing, today I am very zen to go out on stage
Lily Lynx, pole dancing dancer and burlesque artist.

It’s one of my favorite moments of the evening, sit down, get ready, see my colleagues, eat with them and joke with them
Audrey Ivory, burlesque artist.

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