The election of Mister & Miss Burlesque Montreal was fire!!!


To all of you who came at the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017, who cheered our amazing performers, who have been mind blown by all the performances.

As usual, YOU were the best audience from far!

Thank you for your loyalty, your burly passion, your love and most of all, your time to come and attend the Festival.

See you for the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2018: It will be our 10th Anniversary, we let you guess how big it might be…

The MBF team

The election of Mister & Miss Burlesque Montreal was fire!!!

And at the end, we crowned the two fabulous Kage Wolfe and May Hemmer <3

Let’s start with words from May Hemmer, our new Queen of the Montreal Burlesque Festival #QueenMay

“First of all…thank you so much for having me in your beautiful city and I hope to be back sooner than later!

Well this was my first time leaving the country and I was so happy to be accepted in a festival that I have been dying to apply to and in a city that was on my bucket list! From the very start the Producer Scarlett and her staff were so warm and welcoming! I won’t lie: I was super nervous being so far away from home but the entire experience exceeded my expectations. In fact everyone I met was so friendly and helpful when I felt so lost. I can’t recommend this festival enough to be honest. If you get a chance to apply….apply!

I came into the festival to have fun, meet new people, and fan girl over performers I’ve only dreamed of meeting one day let alone share a stage with. When I found out I was competing for the Lili St. Cyr Award for Miss Montreal Burlesque, I was nearly died but I was excited! I rarely apply to compete but I wanted to do something different and fun! So you can imagine my surprise when I was announced the winner! I nearly fainted on stage when my name was called and I was so honoured….and so humbled….some of the top in the business saw me worthy of such prestigious honour.

Thank you again Scarlett for having me! And thank you Montreal for letting me represent you for the next year. Words cannot express how happy I am to have had such an amazing and magical experience!


Some words from Kage Wolfe, our new king of the Montreal Burlesque Festival #KingKage

“My experience at Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017 was one that almost didn’t happen. Missed my early train then lost my wallet which caused me to miss my second train from Toronto to Montreal.

However with the right encouragement I got access to my funds with a new card and was kindly granted another train ticket later due to the circumstances. Scarlett James and the MBF team were so understanding, accommodating, and supportive which helped a great deal. I showed up that Thursday night, got ready, and did what I came to do, performed my butt off. The audience loved it and the judges did as well since I was then crowned Mr. Montreal Burlesque at the end of the night!

The festival was by far one of my favourites considering all the new people I got to meet and talk with. I also very much enjoyed the festival with old and new friends. Performing again on Saturday night was fantastic and I had a blast on that stage, perhaps too much fun.”


We hope you all had a good time with us at the 2017 Montreal Burlesque Festival!

Stay tuned, the Festival photos and after movie will soon be online.

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