We are proud to launch our first official trailer for the 2018 Montreal Burlesque Festival!

We want to reflect on our great decade of shows, whilst looking forward to the upcoming event. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at a small selection of highlights from the previous years.

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The time is fast approaching for the fantastic 10th anniversary of the Montreal Burlesque Festival!

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You were born in Switerzland, went to school there and are now living in Basel. Where did this passion for being a pinup model come from?

I was brought up as a daughter of the 50s. My mother traded antiques and my father restored vintage cars, and they’d experienced such a passion before in their lives. I was brought up admiring Elvis Betticoat and Saddle Shoes. There never really was another path for me!

Acting, dancing, making music: a lot of girls dream about those careers. Zoe, how hard is this business and to what extent do training and talent play a role?

It’s not hard for me, I turned my passion into my job and earn my money that way. But not everything that glitters is gold: it took me plenty of ambition and time to achieve it. You can’t be a stranger to hard work, because 14-hour-long days are part and parcel of the job. In 2018, my company will be celebrating its 12th anniversary: in all those years I’ve been working as a professional pinup model, showgirl, and event manager.

Is it pure passion, is there an artistic approach to what you do, or is your first concern economic success and fame?

I only follow my heart and listen to my gut instinct. In the meantime, I’m privileged enough that I can choose the jobs I want to take on. Zoe Scarlett has become a brand, and genuine events spanning the 20s to the 50s come to me for their entertainment.

Were you actually baptised as ‘Zoe Scarlett’ – it sounds like a nom de plume, and if so, why did you choose it?

My real name is Zoe Scarlett. That’s what the baptism certificate and my passport say.

Art is the name of the game: what’s the difference between a classic pinup girl and ZOE SCARLETT, the pinup model?

Traditional pinup models are drawn. You get me in drawings and in real life, too.

Do you carry out your professional role as a pinup model differently here in Europe compared to your competitors in the USA – what kind of feeling is it to be under the spotlight in ‘that kind of look’?

I don’t play a role, I live and love this lifestyle. I live this way, dress this way, listen to this music. For me such a life is normalcy. It may seem odd to some people, but to me it’s just everyday life.

You’re a successful entrepreneur, because on top of your main profession as a pinup model you also perform as a burlesque dancer on stage. How did that happen?

I started as a pinup model and now, 12 years later, it’s changed a bit. My main profession, actually, is event management and being a Burlesque artist. I create and host between 0 and 100 events with themes set between the 20s and 50s for big companies. And I also perform as a burlesque dancer and singer on stage.

Where do you get your inspiration for your burlesque acts?

When it comes to burlesque, I can fully express my artistic vein. And music, materials, design, and styles mix, so I can entertain my audience in the best possible way even on my own. Old films and books play an important role in all this, of course.

There were already celebrated burlesque artists in the 19th century, such as Lydia Thompson. Do you have a specific role model?

There are plenty of icons who fascinate me, such as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, and I could go on until the cows come home. Yet most of these women have a dramatic life behind them, and I don’t envy their previous lives one bit.

Often we find another ideal of what beauty should be compared to the pervasive common ideal. Artist, therefore, look at themselves with a certain degree of irony. How much irony can we speak of when looking at your role?

What’s the traditional beauty ideal, anyway? Burlesque celebrates femininity in all its shapes and sizes. Duckfaces and anorexia don’t belong here. My burlesque numbers are very traditional, demanding, and incredibly glamorous. I love to slip into different costumes and enchant the audience.

How long do you prepare for a burlesque show and what happens before the curtains open… after the music, adverts, and applause have taken up all of the stage?

Basically, it takes up to a year until a new number is ready for the stage. For example, I worked on a performance of mine for the Swiss burlesque festival for 2 years until I could implement everything I wanted. I’m still a bit nervous before every performance, but the nerves are just part of the deal. I believe the moment you’re not jittery anymore, then that’s when you shouldn’t go on stage anymore.

Is there a direct interaction with the audience?

There often are interactive moments in my events. The audience plays a big role and it’s fun to integrate them into the act. Be it with a moderator, a Q&A session, a bit of humour, or by selecting someone from the audience to be my assistant. The audience is pleased when I do something along those lines, because there’s always something new to be experienced.

Wow does Zoe SCARLETT reconcile her private life with her performance? Does each personality have its identity?

I’m not an actress. I’m Zoe Scarlett: this is 100% me. Everything else would be too exhausting to keep up with over the course of the years.

You’re a public person – is there space for a quiet, balanced private life?

Of course there is! I live in the countryside and I like that. I have a dog which accompanies me nearly everywhere I go, and she demands, of course, that I plan my day based on her life. I go into town for work, TV appearances, and shows, but I head back to the countryside after that.

Were you ever interested in an acting career? Have you already been approached or have you got in touch with Hollywood?

I visited a couple of years ago. I attended a course at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and took part in a workshop which lasted several weeks. I was more interested in acting as a form of art than working in Hollywood. I’m just an incredibly curious person.

You have to be incredibly fit for your job and shows, and always look super, so you probably spend hours on end in SPAs? Tell us all about it, Zoe!

You need to put in 4 hours a day 7 days a week…. No, get off it! Mother Nature was good to me, I barely wear any makeup when not performing – only the eyeliner – and my skin is very smooth and even. I don’t do much sport. That’s just part of the job, when you have an irregular working plan and hours. And, as far as I remember, the first and only time I went to a SPA was two years ago. Sure, I should arrange more time for that, but then I’d miss out on work.

What can your partners and fans expect in the following years? Where will Zoe Scarlett take them to?

Had someone asked me that question 12 years ago, I would never have thought someone would see me on TV one day, or that I could turn my passion into my job. I’ll keep on working as an event manager, maybe someday even in Las Vegas… who knows? I’ll continue listening to my gut instinct and see where it takes me.

Clea De Velours est une effeuilleuse burlesque classique avec une attention extrême pour les détails et toujours ornée de milliers de swarovski. C’est le petit bijoux du burlesque !

En 2013 Clea débute une carrière de modèle photo. Son sens de l’esthétisme, ses références artistiques, ainsi que sa solide formation en danse classique la propulsent rapidement au rang de modèle expérimentée. C’est ainsi qu’en 2015, elle débute l’effeuillage burlesque. Pour elle, l’effeuillage est un moyen d’expression artistique qui permet de s’affirmer en tant que femme. Très admirative de la beauté du corps féminin, elle le situe au cœur de son travail artistique, cherchant constamment sa sublimation, sa consécration comme manifestation suprême du beau et de la sensualité. Elle s’inspire tout particulièrement des icônes glamour de l’age d’or d’Hollywood et des Pin-Up. Elle préconise le glamour, la sensualité, la beauté des costumes, le souci du détail ainsi que la précision. En un mot, la femme élevée au rang de déesse. Pour la création de ses numéros, Clea puise également dans l’ensemble des influences qui la nourrissent. Qu’elles viennent de la peinture, ou de l’histoire de la mode, en passant par le cinéma, le personnage de la femme fatale, voire même vampire… Clea explore le glamour sous toutes ses formes !

Aujourd’hui Clea De Velours est publiée dans les magazines Pin-Up les plus connus, a performé dans les plus beaux lieux de Paris ainsi qu’a l’international, fait partie du cabaret de la célébrité française Clara Morgane en tournée dans les casinos de toute la France.. Clea est un mélange à couper le souffle entre innocence et séducion, elle est l’effeuilleuse burlesque qui fait tourner toutes les têtes !


(Article Images are taken from Delicious Dolls Magazine July Issue 2018)

Photographer: Eve Robert, Pin-up Addict

Swimwear: Forluna Swimwear

Lingerie: Bettie Lingerie Page

Montreal Burlesque

Artistes Annoncés! Bonjour à toutes et a tous!

C’est avec un immense plaisir que nous vous annonçons la liste des artistes participant au Montreal Burlesque Festival™ 2018!

Le prix Lili St Cyr pour le meilleur numero et ses 2 dauphins(es) du Festival Burlesque de Montréal 2018 sera un événement très spécial:
Vendredi 19 Octobre 2018, les participants se produirons devant un jury composé de cinq membres qui sont nos têtes d’affiche.

Biensûr, la Grande soirée de Gala du samedi aura le feu aux planches dû à nos têtes d’affiche et stars exceptionnelles.
Laissez briller votre côté burlesque ! #Montrealburlesquefest


Perle Noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Knox Harter
Bea Trouble
Oliver easy
Kitty Crimson
Marie Doroftei
Lolo Merlot
Maestro Maestra
Madame Brassiere
Lily Monroe
Miss O’Kissed
El Toro
Holly’s Good
Victoria Vermouth
Damian Rhapsody

Facebook event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1702974003119614/



Perle noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Kage Wolfe & the gentlemen’s club
Kitty Kin Evil
Audrey Ivory
Lily Lynx
Rainbow Drag
Wonderful Ginger
Elle du Jour
Sugar Vixen
Pepper Grinds
Pastel Supernova
Miami Minx
Lady Josephine

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2627687587256756/


———–TICKETS ———

Reg: 45
Premium: 75
VIP: 125
VVIP: 175

Tenue de ville exigées, ou apparât de cocktail
Jeans, running shoes & baseball caps are not accepted

V.VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Champagne per table, 4 p./table,
Autographed pictures
VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Mousseux per table, 4 p./table,
PREMIUM: Premium Section, 1 bottle of mousseux per table, 4
GENERAL: First come, first seated!

Billets: www.montrealburlesquefestival.com

Club Soda, 1225 Boulevard St. Laurent,
Tel: 1(514)286-1010, www.clubsoda.ca

montreal burlesque festival dance


Randi Rouge – Ottawa
Audrey Ivory _ Montreal
Starlotte Satine – Sudbury
Sugar Vixen – Quebec
Dahlia Dangerous – New Zealand
Candy Applebottom – New York
Loulou la duchess – Montreal
MisRed Delicious – New Zealand
Green Mountain Cabaret – Vermont
Calamity Chang – New York
Minnie Tonka – New York
Foxy Lexxi – Quebec
Sydni Deveraux – New York
Russell Bruner – Portland
Miss Rouge a Levre & Mr French Kiss – Montreal
Kitty Kin Evil – Ottawa
Mimi Cherry – Montreal
Marilyn Mayhem – Dallas
Pastel Supernova – Toronto
Medianoche – Spain
BonBon Bombay – Toronto
Tiny D – Brooklyn
Ben Noir – Australia
Marilyn Monroe – Philadelphia
Coney Bow – New zealand
The Bunheads – France
Ballet school Dropouts – New Zealand
Lady Josephine – Vancouver
Silky Steel – Montreal
Coco Ono – Los Angeles
Scarlett James – Montreal

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– Par courriel : reserve@travelodgemontreal.ca
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La soirée de clôture officielle du festival se passe au Wiggle room, 3874 Boulevard St Laurent, Samedi 18 Octobre.

Nous invitons tous les artistes ainsi que tous les détenteurs de billets du festival à se joindre à nous! Les portes seront ouvertes dès 10h30 pm et l’entrée est gratuite!


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Séance #88 – Caliente

Dr. Sketchy Montréal vous invite à son prochain événement : Caliente. Dans le cadre du Festival Burlesque de Montréal, venez dessiner la séduisante Pastel Supernova lors de cette séance à saveur latine!
La séance aura lieu le samedi, 18 octobre, de 14:00h à 17:00h au Théâtre MainLine, 3997, boul. St-Laurent. L’entrée sera de 10 $ et n’oubliez pas votre cahier à dessin.
Fait intéressant : Pastel Supernova nous visite de Toronto, où elle a posé lors du lancement de la nouvelle branche de Dr. Sketchy’s Toronto.