Le Pois Penché brings you back to the era of the Moulin Rouge and the flirtatious young ladies of Toulouse-Lautrec!

The inaugural dinner of the prestigious Montreal Burlesque Festival will take place on Thursday, October 17th, at 7 pm. Book your table early and enjoy our Parisian cuisine in the company of some of the most glamorous stars of the burlesque universe. Surprise show included. Not for the faint of heart!


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Scarlett James is known to have the most impressive costumes, but did you know that these are her own creations? And yes ! The artist has many talents including that of the creation and designs of costumes. Each of her costumes is a special moment she shares with her mother. Both of them put a lot of energy and time into these costumes, which makes them so special and valuable to Scarlett.

Each piece is worked with meticulousness, the stones are put one by one by hand, to obtain works of arts and lights. This attention to detail that can be seen on stage when she is performing, each piece is totally unique. Having another person make costumes such as those would be far too expensive in materials and time. To obtain such spectacular results, there is a lot of work to think upstream; the costume is part of the number, it must work in symbiosis with the choreography, the corset for example must give the impression that it comes undone without any effort during the number.

Each costume represents Scarlett James and her personality, they are personal and unique pieces, they exist to transmit her emotions to the audience during the different performances. They come from her and as she says herself “it can not be more Scarlett James than that” .

If you want to admire these costumes created by the artist while she shines on stage, you can do so at the Montreal Burlesque Festival next October.
You can buy tickets at https://montrealburlesquefestival.com/

To make you wait, here is a few images!

… and no experience necessary, we are here to love and have fun!

Please arrive 15min before to register!

Reserve your spot:

Saturday, October 19, 2019
DG Studio 77,
3035 St Antoine St. W., Westmount, QC, H3Z 1W8

10:10 to 11:15 Frankie Fictitious
11:15 am to 12:15 pm Roberta Kent
12:20 pm to 1:20 pm Vayda Rhinestone
1:25 pm to 2:25 pm Miss Tosh
2:30 pm to 3:30 pm Egypt Blaque Knyle
3:35 pm to 4:40 pm Jett Adore



DGStudio77 is famous for unleashing your sexy vixen. Professional qualified teachers with over 10 years experience. Whether getting fit with Pole Dancing, bringing your confidence to Burlesque, or learning how to shake it with belly dance. DG offers challenging classes for all levels, whether you are a beginner or a pro.
DG is also # 1 for Montreal’s for bachelorette parties and girls nite out !!

What does an artist feel before going on stage?

For whom are his last thoughts a few minutes before the show starts? For the public? For something else? According to the people the feelings are different, some are very stressed. For others, it’s the excitement that takes over.
The show must go well, it must please the public. The spectators must be receptive, there must be an exchange between them and the artist, it is the essence of a burlesque show: the guests are part of the show, they do not come only to assist passively.
Some artists focus on their choreography: we must not forget the steps, the movements must be fluid, continuous, look natural to the eyes of the audience. It is through his movements that the artist transmits the feelings of his character and it is thanks to the feelings that the public is immersed in the story.

Each artist wants to mark his audience, to make them react.
Other people pay particular attention to their accessories: the chair must be placed in the center, the fans must be close to the scene but not visible from the public otherwise there is no surprise, of course! Someone must take care of bringing the bathrobe or glove box to the artist at the right time. Indeed, accessories are important, they are an integral part of the show.

Each artist has his own preoccupations before going on stage, you will be able to note it through these feelings of artists:

You always have stress, but it’s a good stress because once on stage that’s what will make you really live the moment
Foxy Lexxi, burlesque artist.

When I started years ago I was very stressed and excited at the same time, […], after several shows I realized that I was stressing too much for nothing, today I am very zen to go out on stage
Lily Lynx, pole dancing dancer and burlesque artist.

It’s one of my favorite moments of the evening, sit down, get ready, see my colleagues, eat with them and joke with them
Audrey Ivory, burlesque artist.

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The “Montreal Burlesque Festival ™”

It’s the 11th year of the Montreal Burlesque Festival!

(11 years?!? Time flies…)

As usual, we are starting off the countdown by opening our ticket sales and asking for performer applications…..Let’s begin!


**Tickets Are Available NOW!**

Book your ticket early and ensure a great seat! We have different categories, from V.V.I.P, with lots of extra exciting goodies, to regular tickets, but to ensure you get the best seats available, book early.

For all our ticket information, check out our link.




Our Festival would be NOTHING without you!

We are looking for all different ages, genders, and types of talents, from comedians, to circus acts, to singers (and even burlesque performers!)

Think you have what it takes? Want to perform in our prestigious Burlesque Festival?

Check out our application page HERE.


You performers rocked the festival!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you! I am now sick and in bed as I gave all I had, and it was all worth it as you all did too! The stage shined with your wonderful presence, you all gave life to the spirit of Burlesque. the Team and I are infinitely grateful to host such a great group of artists!

Like in everything there were little bumps on the road but at the end of the day, did the public had a good time? YES! Did the public love all of you? YES!!
Congratulations to all of you for being so fabulous, and also to El Toro, Madame Brassiere and Lily Monroe for their crowns, What a great job!

Thank you to our headliners who were also the Lili St Cyr Awards judges; Perle Noire, Angie Pontani, Clea De Velours, Zoe Scarlett, Kage Wolfe, the MBF2017 King.

Walking in the public this weekend I was overwhelmed by compliments for the show and the artists, so I am conveying this message from many many people that told not only me but the hostesses, the staff and friends and my sweet maman, how much they enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the venue and it’s team at Club Soda, Our title sponsor Trū Lüv and all of our partners, shopping partners, the artists, My amazing team of Hostesses and Jessica Lavoie and to our glamorous showgirls, really, great job!

My family, Friends, to Domenic Castelli who has my back no matter what, our fantastic MC Arman Afkhami Thank you to Stephen Portman who is in the shadows but still very present.

WOW, I cannot believe it has been 10 years… and it is only the beginning!

Montreal Burlesque


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Reg: 45
Premium: 75
VIP: 125
VVIP: 175



You can’t come to Montreal to see the festival with your own eyes? WE HAVE IT LIVE via STREAMING!

you can purchase your virtual ticket and watch the show as it happens OR you can also watch it later!

purchase your ticket for 10$ per show and get the best of Burlesque

Friday October 19th or/and Saturday October 20th
The show starts at 8 PM
(Montreal, Canadian Eastern time)

Streaming page HERE

We are celebrating the 10th edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival! 
WOW !!!
October 18 to 21
Club Soda, Montreal

ANNOUNCING our Festival Sponsor, Trū lüv

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If you want to keep up with all the latest information about the Festival, check out our schedule guide page HERE

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Brunch Saturday Le pois Penché: https://www.facebook.com/events/709212106112802/
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