Lights On…Scarlett James

Last but not least, our headliner, the one and only, Scarlett James.

She’s not just the Founder of the Montreal Burlesque Festival, or an International Burlesque artist or a good looking blondie. Scarlett embodies what Burlesque means.

Originally from France, Scarlett grew up by the sea. She moved to Canada as an ambitious young lady, who wanted to fulfil her business entrepreneurship and practice Arts.

When she started Burlesque in Montreal, she had to step up for an Art that was still disregarded. She wanted everyone here to realize that it was more than just a striptease; Burlesque performance was a full act.

Her burlesque journey started in 2007. After numerous acts in different cabaret, she met the right persons, at the right time.
Like our dear producer and friend, Domenic Castelli. And she soon enough decided to create the first big Burlesque Show in Montreal.

That’s how the Montreal Burlesque Festival started in 2009 and Grand Burlesque Show in 2010. Every falls, she produces a succession of events that reunite the best of international artists in Burlesque and entertainment. It is now what you know as the Montreal Burlesque Festival. And the Grand Burlesque show in Spring, featuring the best of the best:)

Scarlett’s style is inimitable.

Beautiful in the inside as in the outside this gorgeous lady is also an exquisite performer.
She uses the perfect balance between classic burlesque and neo burlesque. Each of her performances, thought from the costumes to the scenery are meticulously prepared. They are a subtle mix between sensuality and classy, which makes every act she does, and unique.

During her career, she travelled across the world, headlining events and shows and became an acclaimed burlesque dancer worldwide and especially as the main figure that brought Burlesque to the mainstream audience in Canada.

The Montreal Burlesque Festival is one of her greatest achievement. And it’s taking place on the October 19th, 20th and 21st at Club Soda.

And if you missed what’s Scarlett James performances look like, here a hint before the Festival

Dont forget, still chance to grab your tickets here!

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Venue Info: CLUB SODA
1225 St Laurent Blvd,
Montreal, QC
H2X 2S6
Tel:(514) 286-1010

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