Thank You!


You performers rocked the festival!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you! I am now sick and in bed as I gave all I had, and it was all worth it as you all did too! The stage shined with your wonderful presence, you all gave life to the spirit of Burlesque. the Team and I are infinitely grateful to host such a great group of artists!

Like in everything there were little bumps on the road but at the end of the day, did the public had a good time? YES! Did the public love all of you? YES!!
Congratulations to all of you for being so fabulous, and also to El Toro, Madame Brassiere and Lily Monroe for their crowns, What a great job!

Thank you to our headliners who were also the Lili St Cyr Awards judges; Perle Noire, Angie Pontani, Clea De Velours, Zoe Scarlett, Kage Wolfe, the MBF2017 King.

Walking in the public this weekend I was overwhelmed by compliments for the show and the artists, so I am conveying this message from many many people that told not only me but the hostesses, the staff and friends and my sweet maman, how much they enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the venue and it’s team at Club Soda, Our title sponsor Trū Lüv and all of our partners, shopping partners, the artists, My amazing team of Hostesses and Jessica Lavoie and to our glamorous showgirls, really, great job!

My family, Friends, to Domenic Castelli who has my back no matter what, our fantastic MC Arman Afkhami Thank you to Stephen Portman who is in the shadows but still very present.

WOW, I cannot believe it has been 10 years… and it is only the beginning!

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Venue Info: CLUB SODA
1225 St Laurent Blvd,
Montreal, QC
H2X 2S6
Tel:(514) 286-1010

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