Workshops – 2019

ALL WORKSHOPS: DG Studio 77, 3035 Saint Antoine St W., Westmount, QC, H3Z 1W8

40$ for each workshop or


ALL 6 AMAZING WORKSHOPS for only 200$!!!!

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Floorplay with Frankie

October 19th 10:10AM to 11:10AM with Frankie Ficticious

In this class Frankie will heat you up with a quick warm up, and a sensual yet sassy floor work routine that can be be adjusted to fit your personal burlesque routines. Frankie will give you her personal tips on how to engage with each and every audience member, as well as the importance of breathing and taking your time.

Please bring knee pads, and your dancing shoes!

BIO: Frankie Fictitious is a prominent dazzling innovative figure in the burlesque industry within the U.S. and internationally. She was recently crowned Miss Exotic World and Most Dazzling at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2019, as well as Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2017. Frankie’s ability to not only captivate and titillate audience members, but also how she is able to exemplify the art of tease and showcase her mastery of how to connect with people just with the twinkle of her eye.

Bumps & Grinds

October 19th at 11:15AM to 12:15PM with Lady Roberta Kent

Small warm-up, study of various Bumps and grinds, application to movements of burlesque, assembly of a small choreographic sequence.

For the workshop you need: Comfortable but tight clothing, heeled shoes.

BIO: Lady Roberta Kent is an international burlesque performer who also takes care of other performances: fire, aerial acrobatics, oriental dance and show girl. She has been performing since 1994 and her studies are very intense and range from singing to theater and above all dance: classical, contemporary, modern jazz, Latin American, standard, aerial acrobatics and oriental dances. Her workshops are very dynamic and always include the editing of a small final choreography with the steps learned during the lesson.

Boa Werk

October 19th 12:20PM to 1:20PM with Vayda Rhynstone

Boa Werk is an all level feathered boa technique class. Take on a new skill or add to your repertoire. We’ll discuss the differences between types of boas, how to utilize a boa on stage as a prop vs. an accessory, and learn various movements to frame your body while stripping.

Bring a boa, heels, and comfortable clothing to move in.

BIO: Vayda Rhynstone, the Diamond in the Buff, is a burlesque performer and published pin-up/alt model based in Chicago, Illinois. She’s been leaving her sparkle across stages the past 7 years.  Vayda has headlined the 2019 Midwest Burlesque Festival & was awarded “Master of Tassels & Assels”. From her elaborate costumes, exotic looks, and eclectic style she’s sure to leave you memorized.

Beauty of Burlesque Workshop

October 19th 1:25PM to 2:25PM with Miss Tosh

Covering a wide rage of topics and techniques, Beauty of Burlesque course aims to connect you with your inner Burlesque Bombshell. In this class, students are encouraged to discover their own inner tease-artiste in a safe and positive environment. Students with learn the fundamentals of the burlesque strut, pinup posture, and stage presence. Students will focus on developing their own personal style and improve technique through expert coaching and instruction from burlesque star, Miss Tosh.

No previous burlesque dance skill required.

Naughty Peel

October 19th 2:30PM to 3:30PM with Egypt Blaque Knyle

Learn the art of seduction, exotic floor work, and how to peel it off in a sexy routine.  This class is
designed for women to embrace their inner tease. You will learn the difference between neo soul, burlesque and Classical Burlesque.

Please bring heels, and gloves.

Jett Adore

October 19th 3:35PM to 4:35PM with Jett Adore

What is the X-Factor that makes a performer breathtakingly compelling? What is stage presence and how do you achieve it? How can you embody an energy that fills the stage and how do you create acts with epic impact?

As a group and individually, Jett will guide you through improvisational workshop techniques to inspire creating, rehearsing, and performing, and
drawing out the superstar within you, all from an actor’s perspective. Unlock the tools to combat self-consciousness and stage fright and learn about Jett’s concepts of “Active Intention” and his “Five S’s of Burlesque”, vital components of achieving the full potential of your own star quality.

Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring note-taking materials and plenty of childlike playfulness.

BIO: Jett Adore is “the LaBron James of Burlesque” and “the sexiest, biggest, most talented star on the male burlesque circuit.” (Playgirl Magazine). “Jett’s artistic, playful, sexy, scandalous, and sophisticated performances are male striptease at it’s finest.” Known for his epicly theatrical performances, he has headlined in some of the largest Burlesque shows and festivals around the globe. He was named the world’s “Most Innovative” performer by the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame. He is the starring male performer in Dita Von Teese’s many world tours. He created, directs, co-produces and stars in his male-burlesque show “Diamond Studs”. He is one of the Stage Door Johnnies, the world-renowned male burlesque trio, who have starred in their own many long-running shows in Chicago, debuted in NYC with Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming, toured worldwide, and were awarded “World’s Best Burlesque Group 2011” (Burlesque Hall of Fame), “Artists of the Year” (The Burlesque Innovation Guild), and World’s “Top 10” Performers (21st Century Burlesque). In addition to Jett’s burlesque performance, with degrees in acting and musical theatre, Jett has been a professional actor in theatre, film, and television for over 20 years. From a base of the extensive “Stanislovski technique” of acting, Jett has discovered ways to break down the “Science of Stage Presence”, to define it and uncover\ its elusive secrets, and has created his own methods and exercises by which to fully exude it, specifically within the theatre of burlesque.

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