The Burlesque Festival Buyers Guide!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are just TWO WEEKS LEFT to the upcoming Montreal Burlesque Festival! Did you get your TICKETS yet? Act fast!

If you have never been to the Festival before, we also have a number of vendors that sell fantastic items throughout the 3 day event. Samples from their range of products will be available in Club Soda for each night’s event, so feel free to check them out, and maybe grab a gift (or two, or three, or more…) when you come to see the performances!


Nataly D Lovely
il_570xn-1057927989_3xnxD. Lovely Pasties Design by Nataly D. Lovely is a unique collection of handmade luxurious rhinestone pasties and nipple tassels. Whether it’s for the stage, a special evening, a photo shoot or the bedroom, all my pasties bijoux are carefully handmade and adorned with high quality materials for an authentic finish.
Nataly D. Lovely was a burlesque performer from 2005-2011. She started designing nipple pasties in 2005 and now have her online Etsy shop. She has sold her creations all over the world.

If you are interested in learning more, check out her Etsy page HERE


NU2 – Photographer

nu_25Guy Raymond is now, and has always been, the dominant figure in Canadian photography for over 20 years. Thousands of satisfied customers agree, and so does the Canadian Professional Photographers Association: Recipient of 43 distinctions for the most sophisticated works in the industry, in Quebec and as well as on the Canadian and international scene.

Warm, welcoming settings, profesional standards and advanced knowledge guarantee long lasting sustained satisfaction. Photographs evolve into pure canvasses, artistically crafted works of art to reflect the best from subjects becoming characters…

Guy Raymond leads the pack with state of the art modern studios to metamorphose body expressions into pure pride, traveling through time and fashions. With up to date technological equipment, Guy Raymond and his team work above standards and assure customers quality satisfaction!


Minnie Tonka

I ❤ Minnie Tonka Pasties
minnietonkapastiesHandmade and Made with Love, Minnie Tonka’s Nipple Pasties with spinning tassels are fun for everyone! Wear and twirl with your burlesque costume, for a fabulous photo shoot, or for playful and silly good times!

They will be available at the Montreal Burlesque Festival at the Vendors tables,

or if you can’t wait, check them out online for purchase HERE.



Calamity Chang
image-07-09-16-02-15-1Calamity will be selling her wildly popular, glamorous ostrich feather earrings! Each pair comes in many color combinations, hand rhinestoned with Swarovski crystals and have sterling silver or 18k plated gold hooks. These earrings have been selling like hot cakes in the US (where it is only available) and this is your opportunity to buy a pair in Canada! Along with earrings, Calamity will also have fun lingerie and other sparkly accessories for sale!

If you want to order them online, check out the store HERE.


Kitty Kin Evil
il_570xn-739558267_kvypFrom Ottawa, Ontario Evil Embellishments are unique one of a kind pasties you will never see the same pair twice!
Our hair flowers range from small decorative hair pieces to large over the top pieces great for any showgirl to accessorize with!
Hair flowers come fully embellished with rhinestones. Some have vintage or modern brooches in the center, these were collected while being a travelling showgirl!
Happy Sparklings!

Check out the Etsy store HERE

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