Burlesque workshops! Oct 19 @wiggleroom, 3874 Blvd St Laurent

The workshops last 1 hour each and are 30$ per person. Please reserve your spot with Audrey, Thank you! audrey.communicationmbp@gmail.com


Shy Shy Shully 10h45-11h45 Have you ever wanted to perform a song in a show? Or maybe you are already comfortable singing on stage and you want to try some vocal improvisation? Maybe you want to incorporate it into a burlesque number? In this one-hour vocal workshop you will practice vocal warm-up techniques, discover your vocal range, learn how to put together a song for performance, and unleash your inner vocal diva! Students interested in this workshop must be comfortable singing in front of other people.

Melle Loison 12h00-1h00 During this class we forget everything, you do not want to work, we just want to dance and have fun! Proposed theme song: “Je ne veux pas travailler !” Pink Martini. Course Content: Relaxation and posture. Coaching how to walk with heels Learning different ways to remove and play with gloves. Choreography “Je ne veux pas travailler !” Pink Martini. Stretching and relaxation Accessories to provide A broom An apron A skirt and top easy to remove, A pair of glove A laundry together A pair of heels. Stockings and garters Makeup, false eyelashes, glitter. Make yourself happy!

Kitty Litteur: 1h15 – 2h15 Tits and Tittering: Comedy in Burlesque Make ‘Em Laugh: How to Use Comedy in Burlesque Funny Looking Tits Brew-Ha-Ha BurlyQ How to Give a Funny Boner Kitty’s Guide to the Ridiculous Comic Strip Comedic Cans Gagging for a Gag Gotta Have a Gimmick! Learn to be a Boob as well as have them! Did you know the word burlesque comes from the Italian word burla – meaning a joke, ridicule or mockery? Self-proclaimed topless clown and master of many faces Kitty Litteur brings you right back to the roots of the art of the gag and teach you a number of ways to use comedy to pack a punch in your burlesque repertoire. Come and learn the best ways to make ’em laugh from a lady who has been laughed at across the globe! Comedy techniques include selection and use of use of music, physical comedy techniques and how to effectively construct a’punchline’ for your act.

The Lady Josephine 2h30-3h30 “Breaking the 4th Wall” Burlesque is a spectator sport. No matter what your burlesque-style, engaging your audience and “breaking the 4th wall” is an integral part of a captivating striptease. This 1hr workshop explores concrete techniques for how to reach out to those vague figures sitting behind your blinding stage lights. We will discuss what makes this so important and use practical exercises to rehearse the approaches we uncover. This workshop is for professionals looking to refresh their skills, new performers and would-be performers. Taught by The Lady Josephine. Objective: to learn and practice proven techniques for engaging with your audience. Requirements: No experience necessary. Please bring a notebook and writing tool to class.

Agatha Frisky 3h45-4h45 introduces basic body work and movement from Samba, and how it can be used in burlesque bump and grind. BOOM BOOM BOOTY Ladies and gentlemen. put some wiggle in your walk and some giggle in your jiggle in this one hour homage to the booty. Learn the basic footwork of Samba no Pe and some fun and sexy body movement that can be incorporated into your burlesque bump and grind or just make you the jiggliest person at the party! Incorporating samba rhythm and Brazilian drumming beats, this infectious movement style will have you sweating, bouncing and smiling rom ear to ear! All level & suitable for both men and women. Bring along a bottle of water, workout gear and a pair of socks

Lucy Sky Diamond 5h00-6h00 Lucy Sky Diamond will take you through a series of stretches to increase your range of flexibility and strength. Focussing on legs, back and shoulders, this one hour workshop finishes with a range of movements that you can incorporate into your burlesque act that will wow your audience!

Pocket Venus 6h15-7h15 CREATIVE BEAUTIES on a BUGET Class Description: A beautiful fabulous costume piece doesnt need to cost a limb & a leg. You can use materials from local discount stores & cheap online sources. Pocket Venus will be suggesting sources you can use for your on-a-budget-burly-shopping-spree to create and embellish stageworthy costume pieces. She will also be sharing various gluing options & techniques to make your costume pieces last longer. Pocket Venus will be bringing costume pieces she modified/hand crafted her self & share how she created them.’

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