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Are you surprised to have been nominated?
I was most certainly surprised to be nominated! I am honoured, and happy to have so much love and support from the burlesque community.

How important is it to be recognized by the burlesque community for what you do?
I feel as though my purpose in life is to be a beacon of inspiration, and healing. I wouldn’t say that it’s important to be recognized because most of my contributions are kept a secret. I will say that it’s important to me to use burlesque as a platform to heal, love, and inspire!

All the groups in your category are fantastic, but what make your acts and style unique?
My approach to burlesque is unique because I celebrate classic burlesque with a modern twist. I also focus on giving to the audience, and celebrating my imperfections on stage. People really relate to this, and are often moved to tears. I think that is what makes me unique. It’s hard to move a person to tears.
Any exciting projects coming up?
My latest endeavour is the House of Noire. I have brought together an amazing group of women in NY to create burlesque history. I am not showcasing a burlesque troupe, but creating a legendary house! I’m negotiating with a casino at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Where does your name come from?
The name was given to me by my mentor, Dollie Rivas. Although, it was also one of the many taglines for my muse, Josephine Baker! I was beyond elated when Dollie gave me that name.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration for my acts come from my tears, and triumphs! Each act is a representation of my life story.

How many hours a week do you rehearse?
25-30 hours a week.

How often do you come up with a new routine?
I don’t have a lot of routines. It takes me about a year or two to feel confident enough to bring my artistry to the stage. I believe in taking my time, and training properly.

How nervous do you get before getting on stage?
I am extremely nervous before each performance! And honestly, I will retire the day I stop being nervous.

What do you like most about the burlesque industry?
I love having access to the living legends! It’s an honour!

What’s your favourite routine?
My tribute to the African goddess, Oshun!

In your opinion, what makes an exceptional burlesque troupe?
You have to dance with your heart! That makes any burlesque performance stellar!

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Montreal Burlesque

Artists line up is finally here!

It is with great delight that we reveal the Artists of the Montreal Burlesque Festival™ 2018, the 10th anniversary edition!!

Montreal Burlesque Festival is happy to announce the Lili St Cyr awards for the best Burlesque acts and it’s 1st and 2nd runner up.
October 19th, the participants selected will perform in front of a panel/jury of five people, led by our main headliners.  And of course our famous Saturday night gala returns with the most fabulous acts from our international and local stars.      Show us your burlesque! #Montrealburlesquefest


Perle Noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Knox Harter
Bea Trouble
Oliver easy
Kitty Crimson
Marie Doroftei
Lolo Merlot
Madame Brassiere
Maestro Maestra
Lily Monroe
Miss O’Kissed
El Toro
Holly’s Good
Victoria Vermouth
Damian Rhapsody

Facebook event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1702974003119614/



Perle noire
Angie Pontanie
Zoe Scarlett
Scarlett James
Clea de Velours

Kage Wolfe & the gentlemen’s club
Kitty Kin Evil
Audrey Ivory
Lily Lynx
Rainbow Drag
Wonderful Ginger
Elle du Jour
Sugar Vixen
Pepper Grinds
Pastel Supernova
Miami Minx
Lady Josephine

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2627687587256756/


———–TICKETS ———

Reg: 45
Premium: 75
VIP: 125
VVIP: 175

Dress to impress!
Jeans, running shoes & baseball caps are not accepted

V.VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Champagne per table, 4 p./table,
Autographed pictures
VIP: Priority entrance, Seating assigned, your name will be on
the table. 1 bottle of Mousseux per table, 4 p./table,
PREMIUM: Premium Section, 1 bottle of mousseux per table, 4
GENERAL: First come, first seated!

Billets: www.montrealburlesquefestival.com

Club Soda, 1225 Boulevard St. Laurent,
Tel: 1(514)286-1010, www.clubsoda.ca

montreal burlesque festival dance

Special price for our festival guests 89$ (code LKFB):
Book online now

It is also possible to reserve via :
– Téléphone : 514-874-9090, option #1
– Toll free : 1-800-363-6535, option #1
– Email : reserve@travelodgemontreal.ca
*** Please mention that you are guest of the Montreal Burlesque Festival


montreal burlesque festival dance

Official video of the Montreal Burlesque Festival happening this October 15th to 18th at Club Soda

montreal burlesque festival dance

Session #88 – Caliente

Dr. Sketchy Montreal invites you to its next event: Caliente. As part of the Montreal Burlesque Festival, come draw the fiery Pastel Supernova during this Latin-flavoured session!
The session will take place on Saturday, October 18, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM at the MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent Blvd. The cover will be $10 and don’t forget your sketchbook. Fun fact: Pastel Supernova will be visiting us from Toronto, where she posed during the relaunch of the new Dr. Sketchy’s Toronto branch


When: 19 Oct.

Where: wiggle room, 3874 boul. St Laurent

Time: 8 pm

Price: 10$/Pers.

B-I-N-G-O sure isn’t her name, but Miss Ginger can call the sweetest bingo game this side of the finest Chazy, NY trailer parks!                                                                                                              “The Miss Ginger Trailer Park Burlesque Bingo Extravaganza and Bake Sale” gets underway on Sunday, Oct 19 at 8PM sharp!
Don’t let Lurleen and Cletus beat you to the best tables and lucky cards, snap up your tix now for an evening of bingo, the best burlesque performances, a bake sale, and the delightful Miss Ginger.
If all of that wasn’t enough, how does this grab you: PRIZES. Goodies from Rosie The Rebel, Adrenaline Piercing and Tattoos, CDs from Warner Music Canada, and “surprises”… If you’re still wanting more than a thirsty hobo in Mooers Forks, how about this: everyone who buys a ticket to this shindig and the subsequent events is entered to win a pair of hockey tickets to a Habs home game, in the swanky Desjardins section: FREE HOTDOGS. (drawing for these tickets will be held in December!)
Wear your best undershirt, see you on October 19th!
* To reserve group seating, please contact us with a list of all your guests, either by email at wiggleroommtl@gmail.com, or by phone, 514-508-9465. Table reservation can be made once tickets have been purchase online or over the phone with our box office. If you are celebrating a special occasion, we would be happy to share this information with the host of the show.

Lien event Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/533428880124308/