After our epic pause…..comes the RELOAD.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to welcome Emma Vauxdevil to the upcoming Montreal Burlesque Festival!

Emma Vauxdevil is known as “The Devil Herself” and is a full 6 feet of sparkle and sin.

She originates from Houston, Texas, but is now based in Los Angeles. She is a specialty performer, combining sideshow skills with glamorous classic burlesque.
Her specialty skills starting with her love of fire dancing and eating, quickly evolved into sword swallowing being the main attraction for her act building. Emma, when not costume making or performer, is also a creative model who prefers to shoot with film as much as possible.

We are proud to announce our first Festival Headliner! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chris Oh!

Chris Oh! is an international Kiwi Boylesque sensation. In 2018 saw him Headlining shows and festivals across three continents alone, exposing his glittered thighs and sparkling personality to all who have encountered him. With over 13 years of dance and performing arts experience, Chris Oh! Has take the world by storm, his most recent accolades include winning the Swiss Crown of Burlesque in Basel, Switzerland (2018) and the ‘Most Dazzling Dancer’ at the most prestigious Burlesque Competition in the world, Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas (2018). Among these, he has also been the recipient of Best Boylesque New Zealand (2017/18), King of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival (2017), Grand Prix Award for the Le Bisou Français Festival Paris (2017), was a semi-finalist on the TV show New Zealand’s Got Talent (2012), and was once Mr Gay World (2013).

His performance career started in the night club scene where he would perform gender bending acts i drag, this work later encouraged him to study Ballet and Contemporary dance professionally. He worked for many professional dance companies in New Zealand before deciding to establish his own Black Swan Productions entertainment company where he began to choreograph and costume his own shows and events. Since then Chris has performed around the World including places like New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Vienna, Madrid, Indonesia, South Africa and Italy etc. In his shows Chris Oh! has pushed the boundaries of gender and performance art, wowed audiences with his Burlesque prowess, and always made time to help train and initiate newcomers to the artform of Burlesque, believing that art should be inclusive, equal and celebratory for all.

His mission is to spread sparkle, light and laughter to the world, one show at a time. Creating connections, braving new places, holding open spaces, walking the edge of an ever expanding artform, Chris Oh! celebrates the gift of life wherever he goes.


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After our epic pause…..comes the RELOAD.

We are proud to announce our Festival is making a return to Club Soda, Montreal, on October 15th!
In order to do that, we need YOU.

Performers, all talent, gender, styles and disciplines from all over the world are welcome to apply. If you have ever dreamed of appearing on stage at a prestigious festival, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Act fast! There are only about 5 weeks until the application deadline, so check it out and send in your applications ASAP.

To learn all the details, click on the link HERE or the image below to apply.


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Ladies and Gentlemen!

After a challenging time for all, we are pleased and proud to announce new dates for the next Montreal Burlesque Festival…

OCTOBER 14th – OCTOBER 15th 2022

We will be announcing more news and information over time, during the build-up to the 12th edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival.

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Thanks for your support over the years, and everyone here at the Festival is looking forward to welcoming you to the next one!

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Unfortunately, given the unprecedented worldwide situation with the global pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Montreal Burlesque Festival for 2020, but we will however be back to business as usual in 2021. For the full news about this decision, please check out the video below. We look forward to welcoming you all to our Festival in the coming year!


Montreal burlesque Festival - Special announcement

Le Pois Penché brings you back to the era of the Moulin Rouge and the flirtatious young ladies of Toulouse-Lautrec!

The inaugural dinner of the prestigious Montreal Burlesque Festival will take place on Thursday, October 17th, at 7 pm. Book your table early and enjoy our Parisian cuisine in the company of some of the most glamorous stars of the burlesque universe. Surprise show included. Not for the faint of heart!


Facebook events page:


(514) 667-5050
1230 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC H3G 1M2

Scarlett James is known to have the most impressive costumes, but did you know that these are her own creations? And yes ! The artist has many talents including that of the creation and designs of costumes. Each of her costumes is a special moment she shares with her mother. Both of them put a lot of energy and time into these costumes, which makes them so special and valuable to Scarlett.

Each piece is worked with meticulousness, the stones are put one by one by hand, to obtain works of arts and lights. This attention to detail that can be seen on stage when she is performing, each piece is totally unique. Having another person make costumes such as those would be far too expensive in materials and time. To obtain such spectacular results, there is a lot of work to think upstream; the costume is part of the number, it must work in symbiosis with the choreography, the corset for example must give the impression that it comes undone without any effort during the number.

Each costume represents Scarlett James and her personality, they are personal and unique pieces, they exist to transmit her emotions to the audience during the different performances. They come from her and as she says herself “it can not be more Scarlett James than that” .

If you want to admire these costumes created by the artist while she shines on stage, you can do so at the Montreal Burlesque Festival next October.
You can buy tickets at

To make you wait, here is a few images!

… and no experience necessary, we are here to love and have fun!

Please arrive 15min before to register!

Reserve your spot:

Saturday, October 19, 2019
DG Studio 77,
3035 St Antoine St. W., Westmount, QC, H3Z 1W8

10:10 to 11:15 Frankie Fictitious
11:15 am to 12:15 pm Roberta Kent
12:20 pm to 1:20 pm Vayda Rhinestone
1:25 pm to 2:25 pm Miss Tosh
2:30 pm to 3:30 pm Egypt Blaque Knyle
3:35 pm to 4:40 pm Jett Adore



DGStudio77 is famous for unleashing your sexy vixen. Professional qualified teachers with over 10 years experience. Whether getting fit with Pole Dancing, bringing your confidence to Burlesque, or learning how to shake it with belly dance. DG offers challenging classes for all levels, whether you are a beginner or a pro.
DG is also # 1 for Montreal’s for bachelorette parties and girls nite out !!

What does an artist feel before going on stage?

For whom are his last thoughts a few minutes before the show starts? For the public? For something else? According to the people the feelings are different, some are very stressed. For others, it’s the excitement that takes over.
The show must go well, it must please the public. The spectators must be receptive, there must be an exchange between them and the artist, it is the essence of a burlesque show: the guests are part of the show, they do not come only to assist passively.
Some artists focus on their choreography: we must not forget the steps, the movements must be fluid, continuous, look natural to the eyes of the audience. It is through his movements that the artist transmits the feelings of his character and it is thanks to the feelings that the public is immersed in the story.

Each artist wants to mark his audience, to make them react.
Other people pay particular attention to their accessories: the chair must be placed in the center, the fans must be close to the scene but not visible from the public otherwise there is no surprise, of course! Someone must take care of bringing the bathrobe or glove box to the artist at the right time. Indeed, accessories are important, they are an integral part of the show.

Each artist has his own preoccupations before going on stage, you will be able to note it through these feelings of artists:

You always have stress, but it’s a good stress because once on stage that’s what will make you really live the moment
Foxy Lexxi, burlesque artist.

When I started years ago I was very stressed and excited at the same time, […], after several shows I realized that I was stressing too much for nothing, today I am very zen to go out on stage
Lily Lynx, pole dancing dancer and burlesque artist.

It’s one of my favorite moments of the evening, sit down, get ready, see my colleagues, eat with them and joke with them
Audrey Ivory, burlesque artist.

Qu’est ce ressent un artiste avant d’entrer sur scène ?

Pour qui sont ses dernières pensées quelques minutes avant le début du show ? Pour lui ? Pour le public ? Pour quelque chose d’autre ? Selon les personnes les sentiments sont différents, certains sont très stressés. Pour d’autres, c’est l’excitation qui prend le dessus. Le spectacle doit bien se dérouler, il doit plaire au public. Les spectateurs doivent être réceptifs, il doit y avoir un échange entre eux et l’artiste, c’est l’essence même d’un show burlesque : les invités font partie du show, ils ne viennent pas que pour assister passivement. Certains artistes se focalisent sur leur chorégraphie : il ne faut pas oublier les pas, les mouvements doivent être fluides, continus, paraître naturels aux yeux des spectateurs.

C’est à travers ses mouvements que l’artiste transmet les sentiments de son personnage et c’est grâce aux sentiments que le public s’imprègne de l’histoire. Chaque artiste désire marquer ses spectateurs, il souhaite les faire réagir. D’autres personnes accordent une attention particulière à leurs accessoires : la chaise doit être placée au centre, les éventails doivent être à proximité de la scène mais sans être visibles depuis le public sinon il y a pas d’effet de surprise, évidemment ! Quelqu’un doit s’occuper d’apporter le peignoir ou la boite à gants à l’artiste au bon moment. En effet, les accessoires sont importants, ils font partie intégrante du spectacle.

Chaque artiste a ses propres préoccupations avant d’entrer sur scène, tu pourras le constater a travers ces quelques ressentis d’artistes :

« T’as toujours le stress, mais c’est un bon stress parce qu’une fois sur scène c’est ce qui va faire que tu vas vraiment vivre le moment »
Foxy Lexxi, artiste burlesque.

« Quand j’ai commencé il y a des années j’étais très stressée et excitée en même temps, […], après plusieurs shows j’ai réalisé que je me stressais trop pour rien, aujourd’hui je suis rendue très zen avant de sortir sur scène »
Lily Lynx, danseuse de pole dance et artiste burlesque.

« C’est un de mes moments préférés de la soirée, m’asseoir, me préparer, revoir mes collègues, manger avec eux et plaisanter avec eux »
Audrey Ivori, artiste burlesque.