Lights on… White Keys Vodka

We announced a few months ago our new collaboration with White Keys Vodka, the official sponsor of the 2017 Burlesque Montreal Festival.

But who are they?

Behind White Keys Vodka hides a group of creatives, passionate about music and new experiences. Bold and dreamers who have wanted to offer an exceptional product, inspired by the creative souls of here and elsewhere.

Friends for years, they decided to combine their forces to create a distinctive and out of the ordinary vodka: White Keys Vodka.

It was in Montreal, in the Rosemont district, in the spring of 2016 that the brand’s founders bottled their very first vodka.

We are very pleased with this collaboration and we hope that it will continue in time.

Follow their news here:

As promised, we have prepared several surprises for this year’s edition with our sponsor. Today you will be presented with our official afterparties in partnership with White Keys Vodka.


Thursday drinks at Midway tavern:

Friday drinks at Wiggle room:

Saturday official after party:

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Venue Info: CLUB SODA
1225 St Laurent Blvd,
Montreal, QC
H2X 2S6
Tel:(514) 286-1010

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