9th edition - the fantasy continues

October 19-20-21 2017

Club Soda, Montreal


Dirty Martini
April March
Sukki Singapora
Angie Pontani
Missy Lisa
Scarlett James

Planning a festival is really intense I have a small team around me but it’s just a great team!
I am very fortunate to be surrounded by formidable people and such talented artists in the community and in Montreal.

2017 was an amazing year with amazing headliners it is really a privilege to be able to share all those talents in Montreal.
2017 is the 9th Edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival. A time of reflection, a time of retrospective, appreciation and a time also to look forward.
It is always nerve-wracking to produce a festival but also such excitement when you bring names like Dirty Martini and Angie Pontani who are leaders who paved the way for all of us performers and producers. I want to say thank you to everyone for your trust and for your faith in my team and I.

And now let’s rock 2018!