Scarlett and her Costumes

Scarlett James is known to have the most impressive costumes, but did you know that these are her own creations? And yes ! The artist has many talents including that of the creation and designs of costumes. Each of her costumes is a special moment she shares with her mother. Both of them put a lot of energy and time into these costumes, which makes them so special and valuable to Scarlett.

Each piece is worked with meticulousness, the stones are put one by one by hand, to obtain works of arts and lights. This attention to detail that can be seen on stage when she is performing, each piece is totally unique. Having another person make costumes such as those would be far too expensive in materials and time. To obtain such spectacular results, there is a lot of work to think upstream; the costume is part of the number, it must work in symbiosis with the choreography, the corset for example must give the impression that it comes undone without any effort during the number.

Each costume represents Scarlett James and her personality, they are personal and unique pieces, they exist to transmit her emotions to the audience during the different performances. They come from her and as she says herself “it can not be more Scarlett James than that” .

If you want to admire these costumes created by the artist while she shines on stage, you can do so at the Montreal Burlesque Festival next October.
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To make you wait, here is a few images!

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