Sukki Singapora !!!!

This year we are lucky to welcome on our stage, straight from the great continent of Asia, Sukki Singapora.

We’re proud to have as a headliner such a significant artist with us.

Beyond her burlesque abilities she is inspired by the glamorous Barbara Young, she creates very colourful and stylish costumes and sceneries. Sukki fights for women’s rights and equality throughout the world @thesharanproject.

Native from Singapore, she grew up in the city before moving, as a young adult, in England. Her career started in 2011, as a Cabaret dancer in Manchester. Her style and the quality of her stage presence attracted a lot of attention and started to get more and more solos.

Her burlesque is as passionate and daring as her personality. She sparkles with sumptuous acts and costumes, which remind the classic Hollywood era, and she is recognizable except for her signature flamboyant hairstyles.

She founded Singapore Burlesque Society in 2012 and aims to welcome and protect every Asian artists to join the Burlesque Industry.

Her position, as a burlesque artist coming from a oppressive country towards Women, led her to speak out for women’s rights and thus, became a true activist.

Her achievements and positions have been recognized with the “Asian Women of Achievement Award.”

She’ll be part of the judge panel for the Lili St cyr award given to the winners of the Mister and Miss Montreal Burlesque 2017 competition on October 19th… Make sure to book your tickets!

We can’t wait for you to see her perform.

For the ones who wants to get to know her better, here’s Sukki Singapora:

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