First Festival Video Released!

We are trying something a little different with this years’ Festival video. Instead of releasing one highlight reel, including the previous years’ footage, this time around we are releasing a series of monthly teasers showcasing the headliners for the upcoming Burlesque Festival. The theme of the first teaser is to show the fantastic costumes that you will witness during the Festival. Although burlesque is the art of the tease, the costume is where the introduction starts, and sets the tone for the performance, and there is so much work and effort that goes in to the average costume, that it is worth showing off!

As far as our first featured headliners, we have the amazing MisRed Delicious, all the way from New Zealand, and Minnie Tonka, hailing from NYC. If you want to keep up to date with our full upcoming lineup, keep checking out the performers page HERE or read our recent post highlighting the headliners full lineup HERE.

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Check back SOON for the next in our series of Festival teasers, and don’t forget to grab a ticket for our upcoming Montreal Burlesque Festival HERE.


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